Imperial Vapor Co. - Richmond   7930 W Grand Pkwy S 170 Richmond,TX77406   (832) 222-9375
Imperial Vapor Co. - Richmond
7930 W Grand Pkwy S 170
RichmondTX 77406
 (832) 222-9375

Reviews Of Imperial Vapor Co. - Richmond

4.92 159 Reviews
zak kropf
Jul 28, 2018

William Plows
Jul 21, 2018

I normally dont leave reviews but these guys deserve one... especially after seeing the last review being one star and no comment (how can someone fix a problem if you dont tell the the issue). I have been to over 30 vape shops in the houston, katy, richmond area and almost every one of them I feel like I'm just a number, wasting their time, interrupting their cops show marathon. This place is different. They trully want to help and will take however long you need to make sure you get what you want. If others are waiting in line they dont start rushing you to make up your mind or skip you to get the faster sale. To be honest I never feel like I'm being sold. They have stopped me from buying something more expensive before saying "By what you have told me I dont believe you will like this". They could have made more money but instead they looked out for me. I'm rambling at this point but if you want a place to be honest with you, tell you like it is, make you feel like a person and not force their opinion on you but still voice it, then this is the place. Not to mention if I stop by and dont buy anything I dont feel guilty or like I wasted their time. Dont change guys. Your store and staff made me love going to shops again (at least y'alls shop anyway).

Liah Chavez
Jul 13, 2018

Olivia Phillips
Jul 09, 2018

I only go to this shop due to the great customer service, they help with anything you need and are always friendly! Great products too!

Jul 05, 2018

Super helpful and very nice people.

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